Holistic Home Loan Advice – The Home Loan Plan

If you think finding the right home loan is only about getting a great interest rate, you may be paying a lot more than you need to.

That’s why Property Planning Australia takes the time to analyse your personal circumstances, then develops a tailored Home Loan Plan that addresses factors other advisors can miss.

Education – helping you get to grips with home loans

  • how products, packages and lending policies differ between lenders.
  • how different lenders assess your borrowing capacity.
  • how the elements of your package work together, e.g. home loan, fixed rate, honeymoon rate, line of credit, credit card, savings accounts.
  • the pros and cons of additional features like redraw and offset facilities.
  • the different types of fees, and how they affect your hip pocket.
  • what ‘accessing your equity’ really means and how you can do this responsibly (see also Accessing equity in your home).

Creative solutions to complex problems

  • if you have a complex financial situation, have already been knocked back by a lender, or simply are not getting a good enough deal with your current loan, Property Planning Australia will find a way to assist.
  • we deal with more than 30 lenders – we know their mindset just as well as we know their products and policies. We will present your application to the right lender, in the right way to maximise your chances of approval at the level you’re looking for.

Securing and structuring your loan – maximising your flexibility

  • ensuring the lender only takes a mortgage over the properties required to meet the required loan to value ratio. This stops the bank tying you up in knots, minimises your risk, maximises your flexibility and reducing the bank fees.

Taxation and ownership structure

  • separating tax deductible debt from personal debt to minimise your tax bill.
  • discussing how your ownership structure (personal, trust, company etc) affects your tax position, borrowing capacity and loan establishment cost.

Asset protection

  • protecting your property portfolio from creditors if you’re in high risk employment, or self-employed.

Crunching the numbers — making it all add up

  • help you understand the cash flow implications of purchase an investment property or new home.
  • education on what positive and negative gearing actually means.
  • explaining purchasing costs e.g. stamp duty, mortgage insurance.
  • ensuring your repayments are affordable.
  • clarifying how much of your own funds you’ll need to contribute at settlement.


  • keeping your everyday banking and loan structure straightforward and easy to manage.

Insurance – looking after what you’ve got

  • insurances to consider when borrowing and purchasing, e.g. mortgage, landlord protection, income, life.

Looking ahead — ongoing advice and service for the life of the loan

  • unexpected events: keeping a safety net in a redraw facility.
  • starting a family: meeting your repayments after a drop in income.
  • starting a business: how to apply to maximise your chances of approval.
  • complete access to a PPA credit adviser to discuss your lending, financial and investment requirements any time.

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

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