Holistic Home Loan Advice – Home Loan Advisor or Bank?

When you want a home or investment loan, the first decision you need to make is where to apply. Do you go direct to a bank, or use an accredited home loan adviser? Here, we outline the key differences between the two — and why being a client of Property Planning Australia helps you come out on top.

Lender DirectProperty Planning Australia
Home Loan Advisor

Wasting Time

Approaching one lender at a time

Saving Time

Access more than 30 lenders through a single inquiry


Each lender’s marketing material tells a different story


One message, based on objective opinion and analysis

Limited Product Range

You can only access the lender’s publicly available products

Extensive Product Range

Access products exclusive to clients of accredited home loan advisers

Guessing Game

Compare the loan products yourself, using a layperson’s knowledge

Professional Analysis

We compare the loan products, drawing on years of experience and current market knowledge

Wasting Money

Risk structuring your loan incorrectly for your situation and paying too much interest, fees or tax

Saving Money

We structure your loan to minimise interest & fees and, where relevant, optimise your tax position

Flying Blind

Apply for the loan yourself, not knowing the ‘tricks of the trade’ that will maximise your chances of success

Knowing the Tricks

We apply on your behalf and structure your application to maximise the likelihood of approval at your desired level

Staying on Hold

And speaking to a different person each time you make an inquiry or try to resolve an issue

Getting Straight Through

Speak directly to someone who knows your situation, and let us make the inquiries for you

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.


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