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The team at Property Planning Australia is proud to announce that we have been selected as finalists in the annual Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Excellence Awards.

We have been chosen as finalists for three awards: the ‘Diversified Business Award’, ‘Customer Service Award’ and ‘Finance Broker Business Award’.

We are humbled to receive this recognition as our focus at PPA is unwaveringly centred on the quality of the customer experience. The proof is in the pudding, with our client feedback via our Net Promotor Score surveys which is off the charts!

For those who are unaware, a Net Promoter Score can be anywhere from -100 to +100. The mortgage broking and lending industry benchmark score is around -20 to 20. A score of 50 is deemed as an excellent result for any industry.

Since the start of 2017, our Score is 88, which is amazing and thanks must go to our wonderful clients for providing us with such positive feedback. This feedback spans all facets of our mortgage broking service from the strategic mortgage brokers, to the loan processing team and finally to our ongoing post-settlement service, which is all part of our never-ending Private Banking service.

We were winners of the Customer Service Award in 2016 which is our most cherished award and hope to go back to back in 2017!

Our position as finalists in these Excellence Awards also shows recognition of our diversified holistic approach to helping Australians for over a decade develop their own personalised Property Plans. We are much more than strategic mortgage broking alone. Rather than focusing solely on the transaction and being a volume-based business, we view your next property decision through the prism of your life-long property planning journey. This is all part of our Property Planning service.

Property Planning – The pathway to your ideal lifestyle.

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