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In a perfect world, all borrowers would be created equal – but who said the world was perfect?! Not everyone has a steady income and a sound credit history – but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on obtaining a home loan.

If you have a poor credit record (i.e. if you’ve missed repayments on your existing loan, have credit defaults or even declared bankruptcy, Property Planning Australia can still help you obtain a home loan, as a ‘non conforming’ borrower.

As a non conforming borrower, lenders may regard you as a higher risk than other borrowers, so they may charge a higher interest rate (usually 1-2% above the standard variable rate). However, by taking out this kind of loan, you have a chance to demonstrate that you’re capable of meeting repayment commitments; enabling you to refinance to a lower interest rate loan later on.

Property Planning Australia has relationships with more than 30 lenders ranging from the major banks to lenders who specialise in loans for borrowers just like you. We can assess your financial and personal circumstances, find the right loan and structure your finances to consolidate existing debts and minimise your repayments – helping get your finances back into shape, sooner.

Contact us about finding a loan to help you get your finances back on track. A finance advisor will contact you soon.

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