Big thank you to Paul Glynn for the wonderful feedback!

We get’s heaps of wonderful feedback from our clients, and every now and then with permission we will share one with you . Paul Glynn provided amazing feedback to four team members in reply to an email from our Managing Director David Johnston who was congratulating him on his recent purchase. Here is an excerpt. Grateful messages like this make all the effort and hard work worth it!😊  

Here is what Paul said “Big thank you to Leah and the team at PPA. You guys have been wonderful throughout the whole process and we could not have achieved the outcome we did without your expert guidance, professionalism and in-depth market knowledge.” 

“You were spot on with our first conversation, I could have easily been led astray by the glitz of 10 properties per se, though having that in depth conversation that afternoon with both yourself David and Michael, really opened my eyes about which way I’m meant to go as I was at crossroad’s at that point,

and both yourself and Michael were instrumental in opening my mind and you’ve been great at educating me through the process.” 

“Leah, you’ve taught me so much since we first spoke and I am very grateful to work with someone as dedicated, smart and driven as yourself, you’ve easily been one of the best professionals I’ve worked with. 

Michael you’ve been great in teaching me in-depth dynamic’s and lesson’s about how the property market works and the information you’ve taught me since we started working together has been invaluable and likewise, one of the best I’ve worked with also. 

Jacqui also has been great with the way she put the report’s together, just reading through them gave me a lot of very important information that I cannot just use now, but the principles that can be used in the future as well. 

David, thank you very much also, without your second to none experience and awesome property knowledge I could have gone down the wrong path, so meeting and talking to you has been a life changer for me so thank you. Without PPA I could have easily been another statistic that has made bad investment decision’s – so, again a massive thank you! 

Kind regard’s Paul” 

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