Banks Boost Debit Card Offerings

Banks are upping the ante with their debit card offerings as savvy customers are choosing to use their debit cards over their credit cards as part of creating great habits with their Money Management System.

And it comes as no surprise. These days debit cards can do everything that credit cards do such as making purchases online, taking cash out overseas and earning frequent flyer points. This comes without the traps of accumulating debt attached to a high interest rate if you make a late payment, or being charged interest due to a cash withdrawal. These little indiscretions add up for many people!

Everyone wants to manage their money better. A debit card might be a great solution to help you develop the habits you need to reduce your mortgage faster, purchase that next investment property or the long term home.

One dollar saved today due to compounding effect of paying down your mortgage will equal $4 in twenty years.

And one dollar saved today can equal $20 if invested with a seven per cent return and regular income yield.

These decisions can help or hinder you achieving your money, mortgage and property planning.

Having a strong money management system in place is critical to meeting your financial and lifestyle goals and a debit card might just be the difference between success and failure!

Have you got a money management system in place?

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