Auction results – 3 May 2021

Highlights from the weekend’s auctions:

  1. Auction Volumes up again – 2,876 homes taken to auction, a significant increase from last weekend’s 2,041, as we are now 4 weeks after Easter. This week is more in line with the previous few weeks of 2,448, 3,231 and 2,731. 
  2. 12 weeks in a row above 80% clearance for Sydney and Canberra 
  3. Perth takes the mantle with the highest clearance, reaching 92.3%. This was the first time this year Perth was top of the pops. 
  4. Adelaide has also joined the party with 86.1% clearance rate.Highlighting the second-tier capital cities may be gaining strength with Sydney and Melbourne’s median becoming less affordable. 
  5. Month on month growth has peaked –Although the preliminary clearance rate has increased to 80.4%, from 78.5% last weekend, we do think we’ve reached the peak rate of value growth in March and this has been reflected in April’s figures just released which show monthly nationwide housing values growth dropping from 2.8% to 1.8% for the month. 

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