Should You Buy Or Sell First? Experts Reveal The Best Strategies For Upgraders

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If you’re thinking of taking the next step into a new family home, one of the big questions to consider is whether you should you buy or sell first? David Johnston, Founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia, shares his insights in Daniel Butkovich’s article “Should you buy or sell first? Experts reveal the best strategies for upgraders” for Domain.

More Data Reinforcing The Weak Returns Of New Apartments – Something We Have Been Banging On About For Almost Two Decades

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Apartments are again in the media being highlighted as a poor choice when it comes to property investment and here is yet more data to prove it. Peter 'the Property Professor' Koulizos sheds more light via data based metrics on the importance of picking an asset where the majority of the value is derived from the land, rather than the building for InDaily.

What Matters Most When Choosing A Home For Retirement

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There are plenty of considerations to take into account when determining your plan to enter into what we call at Property Planning Australia the ‘flexibility stage of life’. David Johnston, Founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia, shares his insights in Kate Stanton’s article “What matters most when choosing a home for retirement” for Domain

Banks Boost Debit Card Offerings

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Banks are upping the ante with their debit card offerings as savvy customers are choosing to use their debit cards over their credit cards as part of creating great habits with their Money Management System. Having a strong money management system in place is critical to meeting your financial and lifestyle goals and a debit card might just be the difference between success and failure!

Secrets To Successfully Downsizing Your Home

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Investing in a well selected family home with a long term view can be a great way to create wealth. A Property Plan that factors in downsizing the home enables us to plan to access equity at this important time of life. David Johnston, Founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia, provides his insights in Paul Chai’s article “Secrets To Successfully Downsizing Your Home” for The Age.

Why Rentvesting Is More Affordable Than Buying A Home To Live In (And Why It’s Not For Everyone)

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Rentvesting has been touted as an option for both first-home buyers and potential upgraders trying to climb the property ladder without sacrificing their lifestyle. Although the concept of owning one or more investment properties while renting where you want to live has been around for a long time, as we become more sophisticated in our financial and [...]

New Ownership Models Give Investors A Toenail On The Property Ladder

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Fractional Property Investment provides a platform to property investors to get into the market where they are not able to purchase a property outright. Founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia, David Johnston, discusses the critical factors to consider before you jump on the fractional property investment train for Christine Long’s in depth article on [...]