Property Planner’s Fast Fact – Commercial Investment

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If you own a property and want to consider diversifying your assets, it may be time to consider commercial property investment via direct buying, listed trusts and unlisted trusts. Commercial property is normally a superior cash flow focused investment, vs residential property historically provides the greatest returns through capital growth. Commercial property is traditionally more [...]

Diversification: Not As Simple As 50% Property And 50% Shares!

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The suggestion that you should have a 50/50 balance of shares and property (or any other type of investment) is vastly oversimplifying the concept of diversification. I mention this because I have heard this statement uttered many a time. Ultimately, people who make ‘one size fits all’ investment statements are neglecting the most important element of the equation, YOU!

Better Ways To Help First Home Buyers Into The Market

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New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the percentage of properties bought by first home buyers in January was 17.9%, which is higher than the 10 year average.This is great news and highlights that the regulatory and government policy changes over the last two to three years have taken affect, making it easier for first time buyers to get into the market.

ASIC Cracks Down On Conflicts Of Interest In The Property Market

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Property advice is still neglected and unregulated, much to our chagrin and to the detriment of many Australian’s. This leaves the door open to property spruikers and anyone with an interest in selling property, to market their assets as great investment opportunities under the guise of property ‘advice’. The conflict of interest is obvious – so why are property advisors held to a lower standard than those providing advice on mortgages, insurance policies and investing in shares?