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Introducing Yield Financial Planning

Yield Financial Planning was formerly Property Planning Australia Financial Planning. We rebranded to make it clearer that we can assist with a full range of Financial Planning services. Ownership remains shared between David Johnston and James McFall, the respective founders of Property Planning Australia and Yield and our teams work alongside each other to deliver a cohesive client experience across our combined services.

Honest and Educated Financial Planning advice

We pride ourselves on delivering advice of the highest quality

The Yield team has decades of experience simplifying the task of planning for our clients financial future. We have various qualifications collectively including Degrees, Masters, Advanced Diplomas and CFP® status and we share knowledge regularly.

Our reputation rests on the relationships we build with our clients and our commitment is to pursue the best outcome at every opportunity.

“Yield Financial Planning has managed my Super for four years now. I have been extremely happy with their professionalism and their time and care put into getting me an excellent investment plan. My endless questions have been met with great patience and friendliness, and I am very content knowing that my investments are in good hands. Sincerely, Torhild M. O’Leary“

We are experts at incorporating property into your Financial Plan

A key point of difference from our competitors is the way we incorporate Property into our Financial Plans.

We recognise that many of our client’s prefer investing in property and we embrace this.

Our plans have evolved over time to help chart and navigate the property decision. While we do not give advice on the asset itself (We use Property Planning Australia’s independent buyers advocates for this) our plans chart the cashflow and capital impacts of the property decisions you are considering, as well as overlay advice mindful of what you have told us is important to you and what you are trying to achieve

We call this ‘Scenario Analysis’ and a Yield financial plan will map out the various scenarios you are considering on paper, to help you make more informed property decisions.

From experience, we know that often the first thought is the wrong one and a poorly considered property decision could be one of the most costly mistakes you ever make. Planning properly first, using Yields unique and robust methodology, takes the emotion out of the equation and helps you make an informed investment decision.

Creating your plan

For us to plan for you effectively, the first and most important step is for us to understand you and what you want for your future.

It is therefore important for us to understand your current goals and objectives, your existing investments and the investing strategies that you are considering for the future.

It really is all about you!

The better we understand you, the better we will be able to advise you on how to make the most of the many and varied opportunities that exist for you and your family.

Depending on your life stage and or specific need, we can either help you create a holistic Financial Plan or we can limit or ‘Scope’ our advice to a specific need you may have.

Holistic Financial Planning means we will work with you to define and chart a Financial Plan to help you achieve your retirement goals and important priorities in between now and then.

Scoped Advice means we can address a specific need now, like protecting your income with insurance or superannuation advice.

Holistic Planning

True Financial Planning advice considers everything that impacts your Finances. Some of these needs we can assist you with from beginning to end and we have noted these below. Others areas require the assistance of specialist advisers and we will actively work with your chosen adviser to help ensure your advice is as consistent as possible.

  • Risk and insurance analysis
  • Business succession planning
  • Superannuation planning
  • Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF)
  • Savings and wealth creation strategies
  • Investment planning
  • Gearing strategies
  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Centrelink planning
  • Cashflow and Capital management
  • Guidance on budgeting and goal setting

Failing to plan is planning to fail

The Yield Financial Planning Slogan is “Good fortune needs great planning”. We live by this mantra and can help you create a plan that helps you achieve what is important to you

“A survey of Yale University graduates in 1953 showed that only 3% had written down their financial plans for the future. Twenty years later a follow up survey of the same graduates showed that the assets of the 3% who had written down their plan exceeded the combined assets of the 97% who had not”

To gain a detailed understanding about Yield Financial Planning and how we can assist, visit our website or contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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