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Covid-19 – Relief from loan repayments

We recognise this is a very uncertain time for many Australians. Throughout this period, we remain focused on delivering our loyal clients with our continued high level of multi-award winning personalised service.  
During this time, we understand that many of you will be feeling anxious about your ability to meet loan repayments. Whether you run your own business or uncertain about your employment, our team is here to support you through. 
Many lenders have issued guidance on the virus outbreak, including measures such as deferred repayments and fee waivers for people experiencing hardship. 

March 20, 2020

Tax Tips – Adjacent Land and Main Residence Exemption

The main residence exemption includes land that is adjacent to the dwelling, if it is used for private or domestic purposes and the dwelling and surrounding land does not exceed two hectares. To be considered adjacent, the land need not be connected, but has to be close or near. Both the dwelling and adjacent land […]

August 25, 2011

Houses Versus Apartments – Which One?

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July 29, 2011

What is a Good Tenant Worth?

Buying an investment property without knowing the tenancy status can be a recipe for disaster. It is important that you have a solid understanding of the existing tenancy agreement and that you are happy with the tenant currently renting the property. Firstly, what makes a good tenant? Obviously, someone who pays the rent on time […]

July 1, 2011

Why You Pay for Spruikers Promoting Poor Property Assets

Imagine owning a professional financial advisory business, and someone who you do not know, offers you a $7,500 referral fee for every client that you send to them and buys a property from them. This is the type of audacious offer property spruikers provide to financial advisers across this country! These sorts of referral programs […]

June 17, 2011

Times Right for Upgraders

Those that are in a position to upgrade their current home are in one of the best situations in recent years to maximise the opportunity to purchase a higher calibre of property at a reduced price. The home owner market between $900,000 and $3 Million is at the softest level that key agents have seen […]

June 3, 2011

I have worked closely with David Johnston and the expert team at Property Planning Australia for a decade. Their desire to place consumers’ needs first and provide holistic advice sets them apart. I highly recommend working with them to develop your Mortgage Strategy and tailored Property Plan. You will be pleased with the outcome.

Peter ‘The Property Professor’ Koulizos
Australia’s leading property university and Tafe lecturer