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Get rich quick schemes – #1 of the top 7 Critical Mistakes (Ep.31)

We all love the idea of a get rich quick scheme. Just imagine planting some money, growing it in abundance and next week you’re off on holiday… indefinitely.

Most of us understand that in reality, that’s not how things work.

In fact, get rich quick schemes are commonly a great way to lose your money.

In episode 31, we discuss “Get rich quick schemes”- #1 of the top 7 Critical Mistakes.

Listen as David Johnston, Cate Bakos and Peter Koulizos take you through the schemes to look out for, why higher returns demand higher risk and why if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

January 28, 2020

High-rise apartment prices lag houses by 50 per cent in some suburbs

Over the last 10 years, high-rise apartment prices in Melbourne and Sydney have underperformed houses by more than 50%, and if you have been listening to our education for the last 15 years, this would come as no surprise whatsoever!

Core logic data indicates that Melbourne’s high-rise apartment market is by far the worst of every other city in Australia. As we’ve been banging on about for years, high-rise apartments rarely make the grade as quality investments, if your goal is capital growth. Low land-to-asset-ratio’s is just one reason for this as we have opined in an article for Domain, in Podcast Ep#16 “unpacking land to asset ratio” and alongside property professionals CateBakos and Petewargent on 

January 23, 2020

Novice investors being blindsided by spruikers

How do you recognise a con artist from a professional? 

The property industry is unregulated, which gives ample opportunity for property spruikers to masquerade under the guise of being property investment experts. Property marketers have almost perfected this art, while actually receiving huge commissions for selling you a property.  

For 15 and a half years and counting, we have been educating consumers to seek independent advice from trusted professionals. It may just save you from making the most expensive mistake of your life.  

There is no such thing as a free lunch!  

The Property Planner’s predictions for 2020

As we begin the journey of a new year, it is time to place our head on the proverbial chopping block and make a few predictions. As 2019 showed, with most pundits predicting a continuation of property values falling, this is a particularly risky exercise. But, what the heck, let’s give it a go anyway.

We outline our predictions for:
1. The capital cities.
2. When property values will reach record prices.
3. When growth rates will normalise and what will precipitate this happening.
4. How and why property data lags behind real-time events.
5. The supply and demand factors that will drive growth, and those which will apply the brakes.
6. How buyers should approach the current market.
7. The impact of APRA and the government, including policies they will implement to slow down the market and increase the supply of affordable housing.
8. And finally, what an ideal world ‘could’ look like in 2020 (versus our predicted outcomes).

So, come take a ride with us in our time machine as we explore what 2020 has to offer!

January 21, 2020

Money Management – 7 steps to success (Ep.30)

Money – it can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  
Being able to manage your money is not only vital to financial success, it is also critical to your mental well-being. Most research shows that concerns about money are in the top 1 or 2 stressors of our lives.  
It only takes a few big bills to make you feel like your credit card or depleting savings is a runaway horse, threatening to buck you further away from your goals. But we aim to get you back in the driver’s seat and on track to achieving your ideal lifestyle.  
In episode 30, we discuss “Money Management – 7 steps to success”. 
Listen as David Johnston, Cate Bakos and Peter Koulizos take you through the 7 steps to implementing an effective money management system, the critical mistakes to avoid and how you can spend more money on what matters most to you.  

I have worked closely with David Johnston and the expert team at Property Planning Australia for a decade. Their desire to place consumers’ needs first and provide holistic advice sets them apart. I highly recommend working with them to develop your Mortgage Strategy and tailored Property Plan. You will be pleased with the outcome.

Peter ‘The Property Professor’ Koulizos
Australia’s leading property university and Tafe lecturer