12 reasons why now is the best time in history to refinance!

Maximising your tax deductions by using a redraw facility

Learn about why it is currently the BEST time in history to refinance. Get in ahead of the curve to lock in a great mortgage strategy and rate!

June 9, 2021

Housing market consumer sentiment moves into negative territory

For the first time in a year, the Westpac Melbourne Institute Consumer Sentiment index reflects that the ‘Time to buy a dwelling’ reading has dropped below…

June 23, 2021

Smaller capital cities are the outperformers of the last 12 months | Is the tide turning?

The latest CoreLogic property index results for May reveal that…

June 17, 2021

How the upper quartile performs in a falling and rebounding market

In a bull market, the upper quartile (top 25%) tends to outperform, as is happening at the moment. This is because…

June 15, 2021

Capital cities are up on regionals for the month and the quarter

After over a year of regional cities outperforming capitals, due to the pandemic induced sea and tree change, the tide has turned. As we predicted at the start of the year…

June 13, 2021

Sydney prices taking flight

Sydney prices are on fire, and as the final negative months of last years drop away from the annual figures, national property growth rates will start to jump up to above 15%, and even 20% in the coming months which will see the political pressure rise significantly on the government and APRA to make changes to assist with affordability for first time buyers as this becomes daily front page news.

June 11, 2021

Nearly half of investors plan on buying property interstate next year: survey

A survey of property investors by PIPA has uncovered that nearly half of investors plan to buy a property interstate in the next year.  

We’ve always said that your next property decision could be anywhere in Australia. Each time you purchase a property, you should aim to purchase the highest quality asset you possibly can and the location should be based on your goals and personal situation, rather than where you live or where a buyer’s agent is based. Or worse, where they are buying but not based!  

January 30, 2020

High-rise apartment prices lag houses by 50 per cent in some suburbs

Over the last 10 years, high-rise apartment prices in Melbourne and Sydney have underperformed houses by more than 50%, and if you have been listening to our education for the last 15 years, this would come as no surprise whatsoever!

Core logic data indicates that Melbourne’s high-rise apartment market is by far the worst of every other city in Australia. As we’ve been banging on about for years, high-rise apartments rarely make the grade as quality investments, if your goal is capital growth. Low land-to-asset-ratio’s is just one reason for this as we have opined in an article for Domain, in Podcast Ep#16 “unpacking land to asset ratio” and alongside property professionals CateBakos and Petewargent on landtoassetratio.com.au. 

January 23, 2020