Setting Your Property New Year’s Resolutions

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David Johnston has been interviewed by Domain’s Daniel Butkovich and featured in his article, sharing the critical factors that will keep you on track to achieving your 2018 property goals. Whether you want to save for a deposit, buy a new home or purchase an investment property, goal setting as part of your planning process [...]

Development Is Sexy – But Looks Can Be Deceiving!

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Let’s face it, development is sexy. Everyone loves property and the idea of making ‘fast money’ is appealing to most. Unfortunately, often the proverbial lure has a jagged hook on the end of it if you are not careful! Before embarking on any project, it is important to have a thorough plan and accurately calculate the time, cost and importantly, the return, each with a contingency allowed for a blow-out. You don’t need to be a developer to know that building rarely goes according to plan.

Do You Own Property In A ‘Superstar’ City?

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Question - Why has property price growth in Sydney and Melbourne significantly outstripped that of the rest of the country? Answer – Sydney and Melbourne are ‘Superstar’ cities, at least that is the view of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Phillip Lowe.

Do You Want to Make Superior Property Decisions?

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Our Managing Director, David Johnston, has featured on the latest podcast from The Mentor List. The Mentor List is a leading business and personal development podcast, interviewing the top business minds of Australia where you can gather sound advice for your career and life. David shares his insights on how you can be making better property decisions to create your ideal lifestyle.

Stay Infront of the Property Market

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Welcome to Infront - Our newsletter dedicated to time-poor professionals looking for a low risk approach to property investment In this edition: Chiselling Away at Negative Gearing High Rises, Another Reason to Stay Away Biggest Population Surge Since 1960 What Property Investors Should Seek Across Cities Plus more... Read our latest newsletter here  

Chiselling Away at Negative Gearing – How do the Changes to Property Deductions Impact You?

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Until recently, you were able to claim depreciation on the value of all fixtures and fittings (also known as ‘plant and equipment’) in a property. This includes ovens, dishwashers, heaters, floor coverings, window furnishings and the like. This loop hole has been slammed shut by the government for property owners who cannot meet certain criteria

Biggest Population Surge Since 1960

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Do you want to know a key reason why property values in Melbourne and Sydney are unlikely to drop? How about the fact Victoria has had its largest rate of population growth since 1960. Wow! And NSW is not far behind.

Navigating Today’s Complex Lending Landscape

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Over the past 12 months the property and lending landscape has undergone unprecedented levels of change, largely due to regulatory pressure from APRA. For insights into the impact on borrowers from the increased regulation, read the article by Founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia, David Johnston, which was published in Property Investment Professionals [...]