Holistic Home Loan Advice


There is more to a home loan than simply getting the best interest rate but that is usually the focus of banks who are trying to sell you money. That’s right money is a commodity that is sold to you.

That's why Property Planning Australia takes the time to analyse your personal circumstances, then develops a tailored Home Loan Plan that addresses many factors the banks often miss.

The Home Loan Plan is unique to Property Planning Australia. It is a complimentary report personalized to your individual circumstances. It will provide you with detailed information to help you make informed decisions.

Complimentary home and investment loan advice and service

Property Planning Australia does not charge you a fee for any of our home loan services. How are we able to achieve this?

As a full-service home loan advisor, Property Planning Australia does everything from assessing your situation, to applying for the loan on your behalf, to liaising with the lender and third parties until settlement and beyond.

By taking away a lot of their legwork, we’re saving lenders a significant amount of money. They don’t need to pay as many staff, have as many branches, and spend as much on staff training, office fitouts, equipment and IT systems.

In other words, it’s in lenders' best interests to pay fees to home loan advisors like Property Planning Australia. Lenders have played a big part in encouraging the development of the broking industry. As a result, around 40 per cent of all loans in Australia now go through advisors.

Multi award winning service & advice

After developing a Home Loan Plan, Property Planning Australia’s advisors undertake a series of complex steps to source the most suitable property or loan for your current and longer-term requirements.

Attention to detail, skilled negotiation and thorough follow up during this part of the process can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Property Planning Australia appoints a dedicated member of our client services team to ensure that every step of your property transaction and/or loan application proceeds smoothly.

We liaise with lenders, estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, accountants, municipal authorities and other key parties on your behalf to ensure everything is being attended to promptly and properly.

We contact you regularly to advise you of the progress and answer any queries or concerns - minimising your stress levels.

Australian Credit Licence

Property Planning Australia holds an Australian Credit Licence number 389112. The Australian Credit Licence is issued and regulated by ASIC and means consumers are protected when dealing with brokers and credit providers. Licence holders undergo a rigorous application and annual compliance process designed to ensure professional and ethical standards are adhered to. These include but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in credit activities efficiently, honestly, fairly
  • Complying with the ACL conditions
  • Complying with the credit laws
  • Having an adequate risk management system
  • Having adequate arrangements to deal with conflicts of interest
  • Having an internal dispute resolution procedure
  • Being a member of an external dispute resolution scheme
  • Ensuring that authorised credit representatives comply with the credit legislation
  • Training of representatives and responsible managers
  • Maintaining organisational competence
  • Having adequate financial, technological and human resources
  • Having adequate compensation arrangements
  • Ensuring that systems and processes comply with the credit law.

To download our Internal Dispute Resolution click here

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

The Home Loan Plan

If you think finding the right home loan is only about getting a great interest rate, you may be paying a lot more than you need to.

That's why Property Planning Australia takes the time to analyse your personal circumstances, then develops a tailored Home Loan Plan that addresses factors other advisors can miss.

Education - helping you get to grips with home loans

  • how products, packages and lending policies differ between lenders.
  • how different lenders assess your borrowing capacity.
  • how the elements of your package work together, e.g. home loan, fixed rate, honeymoon rate, line of credit, credit card, savings accounts.
  • the pros and cons of additional features like redraw and offset facilities.
  • the different types of fees, and how they affect your hip pocket.
  • what 'accessing your equity' really means and how you can do this responsibly (see also Accessing equity in your home).

Creative solutions to complex problems

  • if you have a complex financial situation, have already been knocked back by a lender, or simply are not getting a good enough deal with your current loan, Property Planning Australia will find a way to assist.
  • we deal with more than 30 lenders - we know their mindset just as well as we know their products and policies. We will present your application to the right lender, in the right way to maximise your chances of approval at the level you're looking for.

Securing and structuring your loan - maximising your flexibility

  • ensuring the lender only takes a mortgage over the properties required to meet the required loan to value ratio. This stops the bank tying you up in knots, minimises your risk, maximises your flexibility and reducing the bank fees.

Taxation and ownership structure

  • separating tax deductible debt from personal debt to minimise your tax bill.
  • discussing how your ownership structure (personal, trust, company etc) affects your tax position, borrowing capacity and loan establishment cost.

Asset protection

  • protecting your property portfolio from creditors if you’re in high risk employment, or self-employed.

Crunching the numbers — making it all add up

  • help you understand the cash flow implications of purchase an investment property or new home.
  • education on what positive and negative gearing actually means.
  • explaining purchasing costs e.g. stamp duty, mortgage insurance.
  • ensuring your repayments are affordable.
  • clarifying how much of your own funds you'll need to contribute at settlement.


  • keeping your everyday banking and loan structure straightforward and easy to manage.

Insurance - looking after what you've got

  • insurances to consider when borrowing and purchasing, e.g. mortgage, landlord protection, income, life.

Looking ahead — ongoing advice and service for the life of the loan

  • unexpected events: keeping a safety net in a redraw facility.
  • starting a family: meeting your repayments after a drop in income.
  • starting a business: how to apply to maximise your chances of approval.
  • complete access to a PPA credit adviser to discuss your lending, financial and investment requirements any time.

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

PPA Credit Adviser or lender — which is best?

When you want a home or investment loan, the first decision you need to make is where to apply. Do you go direct to a bank, or use an accredited home loan adviser? Here, we outline the key differences between the two — and why being a client of Property Planning Australia helps you come out on top.

Lender Direct Property Planning Australia
Home Loan Advisor

Wasting Time

Approaching one lender at a time

Saving Time

Access more than 30 lenders through a single inquiry


Each lender’s marketing material tells a different story


One message, based on objective opinion and analysis

Limited Product Range

You can only access the lender’s publicly available products

Extensive Product Range

Access products exclusive to clients of accredited home loan advisers

Guessing Game

Compare the loan products yourself, using a layperson’s knowledge

Professional Analysis

We compare the loan products, drawing on years of experience and current market knowledge

Wasting Money

Risk structuring your loan incorrectly for your situation and paying too much interest, fees or tax

Saving Money

We structure your loan to minimise interest & fees and, where relevant, optimise your tax position

Flying Blind

Apply for the loan yourself, not knowing the ‘tricks of the trade’ that will maximise your chances of success

Knowing the Tricks

We apply on your behalf and structure your application to maximise the likelihood of approval at your desired level

Staying on Hold

And speaking to a different person each time you make an inquiry or try to resolve an issue

Getting Straight Through

Speak directly to someone who knows your situation, and let us make the inquiries for you

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

How to spot a good Home Loan advisor

Use our checklist and find out for yourself

These days there are hundreds of mortgage advisors, all claiming to work in your best interests. How can you tell the good from the bad and the ugly?

Our handy checklist can help you decide

Take into Consideration Property Planning Australia Other Mortgage Advisors
Do they assess your financial situation and personal goals? Yes Yes / No
Do they prepare a tailored Home Loan Plan detailing your alternatives, recommending a course of action and providing evidence to back it up? Yes Yes / No
Do they dedicate a member of their team to your application? Yes Yes / No
Do they contact you regularly throughout the application process to advise you of progress and address your queries? Yes Yes / No
If you’re purchasing will they explain expenses like stamp duty and mortgage insurance, so you know exactly what you’re up for? Yes Yes / No
Do they disclose all interest rates, loan fees and adviser/lender fees? Yes Yes / No

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

Access to 30 plus lenders

If you go direct to a lender, they will only tell you about their loan products. It’s their job to sell you their own products — even if there are other loans from other lenders that would be better for your situation.

Property Planning Australia has a relationship with more than 30 lenders, including major banks, building societies, credit unions and smaller specialist lenders.

Each lender has dozens of loan products and packages — adding up to hundreds of choices and a great chance of finding the loan that’s exactly right for you.

With so many choices at our fingertips, we have no reason to steer you towards a particular lender or loan. We are free to work in your best interests — not the lender’s.

  • AMP
  • ANZ
  • BankWest
  • Bluestone
  • CAPE
  • Citibank
  • Collins Securities
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Establishment Home Loan
  • GE Mortgage Solutions
  • Heritage Building Society
  • HLP Mortgage Co
  • Home Loans Limited
  • Homeside Lending
  • IMB Building Society
  • ING Bank
  • LaTrobe Home Loans
  • Liberty Financial
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Mainstream Capital Corporation
  • Maxis Home Loans
  • Mortgage Asset Services
  • National Australia Bank
  • Paramount Mortgage Services

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

No more phone queues!

We deal with the lender so you don't have to

When you become a client of Property Planning Australia, a dedicated member of our Client Services Team is responsible for your loan application before and after settlement.

Specifically, they:

  1. prepare and submit the loan application
  2. confirm and advise you of conditional approval
  3. ensure the valuation has been ordered and takes place
  4. confirm unconditional approval
  5. check that the loan documents have been prepared correctly
  6. meet with you to explain the loan documents and answer any queries
  7. ensure settlement is booked in a timely manner
  8. confirm settlement with the lender and advise you accordingly

There's no need to wait on hold for the lender — we do it all for you.

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

Accessing equity in your home

Nearly all property goes up in value over the long term. If you’ve owned your home for some time, you may have built up substantial equity through capital growth. If you've made additional loan repayments, this will also increase your equity.

These days, lenders will allow you to borrow against the value of your home, enabling you to access a portion of the equity without having to sell your most valuable asset.

Accessing a portion of your equity opens up other avenues to help you build wealth, for example, buying an investment property, shares or units in managed funds.

Some people also use their equity for lifestyle purposes, like home renovations, or that overseas holiday they’ve always wanted to take.

The process for accessing your equity is the same as applying for any other home loan. Property Planning Australia will analyse your personal and financial circumstances and determine the amount you can comfortably repay.

If you're accessing equity in your home to purchase an investment property, we will also look at your tax situation and holding costs to give you a clear indication of your cashflow. Depending on your situation, it may be possible to purchase without having to contribute any of your own funds.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll have access to a line of credit or pre-approval for a loan - at interest rates much lower than a credit card - to help you take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise.

Contact us to find out how you can access a portion of the equity in your home. One of our advisors will contact you shortly.

Self Employed?

We'll find a specialised loan solution

When you’re self employed, it can be frustrating trying to find a lender who truly understands your financial situation.

With access to more than 30 lenders ranging from boutique providers to the Big Four banks, Property Planning Australia can assess your financial and personal circumstances and find the loan that's right for you.

What’s more, we'll structure your finances to optimise your tax position and maximise that all-important cashflow.

Low doc loans

In today’s competitive environment, more and more lenders are developing 'low doc' loans specially designed for self-employed people who have incomplete financial records.

A low doc loan enables you to borrow without providing proof of your income. Instead, the lender will usually ask you to 'self certify' your income.

Lenders usually regard low doc borrowers as a greater risk than other borrowers, so low doc loans generally have higher fees, and higher interest rates than mainstream loans. The good news is that, as the lending market has continued to evolve and become more competitive, low doc loans are available at interest rates as low as mainstream loans, provided borrowers meet the lender's criteria.

If you...

  • haven't completed your recent tax returns
  • have been through a difficult trading period; and/or
  • have a complex business structure that lenders haven't been able to understand

...you may qualify for a low doc loan. Better yet, because Property Planning Australia takes the time to understand your complex financial situation, we may even be able to arrange approval for a mainstream loan.

Contact us about finding a low doc loan. A finance advisor will contact you shortly.

Credit problems?

We'll find a specialised loan solution

In a perfect world, all borrowers would be created equal - but who said the world was perfect?! Not everyone has a steady income and a sound credit history - but that doesn't mean you should miss out on obtaining a home loan.

If you have a poor credit record (i.e. if you've missed repayments on your existing loan, have credit defaults or even declared bankruptcy, Property Planning Australia can still help you obtain a home loan, as a 'non conforming' borrower.

As a non conforming borrower, lenders may regard you as a higher risk than other borrowers, so they may charge a higher interest rate (usually 1-2% above the standard variable rate). However, by taking out this kind of loan, you have a chance to demonstrate that you're capable of meeting repayment commitments; enabling you to refinance to a lower interest rate loan later on.

Property Planning Australia has relationships with more than 30 lenders ranging from the major banks to lenders who specialise in loans for borrowers just like you. We can assess your financial and personal circumstances, find the right loan and structure your finances to consolidate existing debts and minimise your repayments - helping get your finances back into shape, sooner.

Contact us about finding a loan to help you get your finances back on track. A finance advisor will contact you soon.

Commercial loans and leasing

Property Planning Australia's strategic approach and personalised service don't stop at home loans. We can also assist you with:

  • business and commercial loans
  • car loans
  • personal loans
  • business equipment leasing

No matter how complex your situation and requirements, we can develop a personalised plan to help reach your objectives, including strategies that other brokers or lenders may have missed. With access to more than 30 lenders, we can look further afield than mainstream banks where needed, to help you find the most suitable loan.

Contact us for more information on commercial loans and leasing. A finance consultant will be in touch shortly.

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