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03/01/16 Talking Point - Gentrification

Gentrification is considered a community good by some, while others see it as a social evil. Peter “The Property Professor” Koulizos, has done extensive research into gentrification and shares some of his findings with Tim Brunero from ABC Local.

11/02/15 Zoned Property Prices

Zoned Property Prices

16/01/15 Record High rents in Adelaide

Record High rents in Adelaide

12/01/15 The best SA suburbs and towns to invest in for 2015

Peter Koulizos "The Property Professor" talks to Today Tonight about the best SA suburbs and towns to invest in for 2015

28/11/14 Adelaide Property Guide

Peter "The Property Professor" Koulizos features on Today Tonight in a three part series. Part 1

04/11/14 Suburbs near our major racecourses could be just the right place to take an investment punt

Suburbs near our major racecourses could be just the right place to take an investment punt

02/10/14 House hunting is a compromise so target the most important factors

House hunting can be a tricky business. It is difficult to find exactly what you want, at the price you can afford.

27/05/13 Property Through The Decades

FOR those interested in Australia's residential property market, its best and worst years over the 100 years makes for compelling

08/11/12 Cheaper and Older versus Expensive and New

ARE you better off buying a cheaper, older unit or one that's more expensive but new? The Property Professor comments for

26/10/12 SMSFs cautioned on cash splash

Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees still continue to hold high levels of cash despite falling cash rates. This was a key finding from the latest investor sentiment report from Investment Trends.

14/02/11 Avoid Borderline decisions

Research matters if investing afar

05/05/10 Rent or Buy The 13 Million dollar question

Property Professor Peter Koulizos shows how you can become a millionaire if you buy instead of renting!

14/04/10 What determines house prices - Part 3 a Lottery or science

This final article of a three-part series helps make buyers aware of what determines property prices – simply put, supply and demand.

13/04/10 What determines house prices Part 2

In part two, I look at more demand factors, including demographics, government, finance, rents, prospect of capital growth and alternative investments.

12/04/10 What determines house prices Part 1

The first of a three-part series to help you identify what determines property prices.

24/03/10 How to minimise land tax

Land tax can be a property investor’s nightmare. Here's some ways to minimise its impact.

17/03/10 Understanding commercial property office retail and industrial

Let's go through the finer details of commercial property investment, deciphering the difference between office, retail and industrial properties.

10/03/10 How to spot a real estate bargain

A heads-up on property bargain hunting. These tips could bag you the deal of the year!

04/03/10 Property syndicates and property trusts - when should you use these?

Compareing some of the financing options for investing in property – syndicates versus property trusts.

03/03/10 Neutral cashflow properties what why how and where

Demystifing ‘neutral cashflow’ properties, gearing and how and when they can boost your property portfolio.

01/03/10 March Issue 2010 - Brokers smash bank managers on personal touch

A recent survey from leading mortgage broker group Loan Market has revealed that the majority of borrowers rarely have contact with their bank manager on home and personal finance matters.

26/02/10 First home buyers what you should look for

If you are one of the many prospective buyers who are looking to buy their first home, here's some handy and very helpful tips.

Issue 9.3 - What's in a name?

MPA examines the nuances between titles in the mortgage industry, and whether there is a real point of difference between brokers and planners.

23/10/08 Advisers urged to focus on wealth protection

Advisers should be looking at income protection insurance to protect their client's greatest asset - future earnings.

20/10/08 Bad News a boon for investors

The time to buy is when everyone is too fearful to do so.

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