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11/01/16 Catching the next capital growth wave

Australian Property Investor Magazine asked our very own ‘Property Professor’ Peter Koulizos if there’s any truth behind the theory that when a growth cycle runs through capital city markets, the wave of gains moves from the CBD to fringe suburbs. Read what he has to say and how ‘the ripple effect’ may impact you.

15/12/15 The Property Professor's 2015 property market wrap-up

As we see out 2015, Peter ‘The Property Professor’ Koulizos reflects on how the property markets in our capital cities fared over the past 12 months for Australian Property Investor. He rates the best performers and those showing exciting potential for 2016.

09/10/15 Coast Effective

Once overlooked as a lower-c lass outer suburb with poor housing, a new generation is recognising that Christies Beach has far more benefits than drawbacks.

14/09/15 Buyers' Agent Brief

API Magazine's Angela Young asks Peter "The Property Professor" Koulizos what he'd suggest for a hypothetical couple, on the verge of dipping their toes into their first investment together.

07/09/15 Pump up the volume

If increasing sales volumes means a rising property market then pump them up we say! We reveal the suburbs where sales are soaring so you can rock the house, too.

18/06/15 Getting Hipper

Hipster or mainstreamer? No matter where you sit on the hipness scale, we're all curious about which suburbs are rated 'hot' or 'the next big thing' by experts in the property market. Get the scoop on your local scene here.

20/08/13 Lost in Paradise

PPA Director of Financial Planning James McFall comments in an Australian Property Investor article entitled "Lost in Paradise". In this case study, James offers advice on how an investor gets back on track post GFC.

18/02/13 The Forecast for House Prices and Interest Rates

The "Property Professor" looks at the statistics to see whether the future looks bright or if it'll be more of the same.

12/11/12 South Australia a magnet for Property Investors?

If you’re interested in buying property in an area where the government is lending a helping hand to investors – not just first homebuyers – this might be the state for you. (API Magazine)

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