About Us

When it comes to property and home loans, even the sharpest mind can cloud over.

Frustrated by the lack of credible, holistic property and home loan advice, Mark Armstrong and David Johnston combined their considerable expertise in July 2004 to launch Property Planning Australia — the nation’s first integrated property and lending advisory service.

"Nearly everyone is interested in property, and nearly everyone needs a loan to enter the market," says David. "Whether they're a homebuyer or an investor, they go through the same process and experience the same frustration and stress."

"Even when they're not actively buying or selling, many people want to minimise unnecessary fees and interest payments, maximise their equity, improve their cashflow, reduce their tax liability or review their portfolio.

It made sense to combine Mark’s property advisory expertise with my lending experience so we could advise clients at every stage of the property ownership and home loan cycle."

Our Aim

Property Planning Australia aims to untangle your confusion about property and home loans, and provide you with a clear way ahead.

We do this by assessing your personal and financial circumstances and goals, then developing a personalised plan that:

  • minimises your stress
  • saves you time and money
  • helps you reach your goals sooner.

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